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Photo submission for website refresh 2020

  1. Give us your best shot!

    Northfield is in the process of updating the city website. Submit your photos by Thursday, August 6. Photographers will get photo credit on the city’s website.

  2. Photo requirements

    • Minimum photo width: 2200 pixels • Approximate photo size: 1 MB or larger • Resolution: 72 dpi or higher • Color mode: RGB or CMYK • Preferred file types: JPEG, JPG, TIFF, PSD, PNG

  3. Rules

    • Entrants must be the sole author and owner of the photo. • All photos must be taken in Northfield • All entries become property of the City of Northfield and may be used in city digital and print media. • Photos with names, logos, watermarks, or writing on them will not be accepted. • Submit non-manipulated images. Do not use Photoshop effects or cropping. • Good images have an area of interest, include simple shapes and create an impression or elicit emotion. • Photos must be appropriate for posting in government publications. If photos contain recognizable faces, you must complete a signed photograph consent form. Such photos that are not accompanied by a photograph consent form will not be considered.

  4. Subject matter

    Show off Northfield and what makes it unique. • People and activities • Parks • Landscapes and cityscapes, buildings, houses • Culture and art • Nature and animals • Landmarks

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