Photo Credits


Art to Archer

Dennis McClintock

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river-pedestrian bridge_250x180.jpg

River and Pedestrian Bridge

Annie Witkamp

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Bridge Square

Griff Wigley

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defeat days_250x180.jpg

Defeat Days

Defeat of Jesse James Days Committee

Defeat of Jesse James Days


Harvest Sculpture

Doug Bratland

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2007 open house.png

Fire Prevention

Aramis Wells

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Cannon River Drone

Luke Marks

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Cannon River and walkway in the summer

Cannon River and Riverwalk

Reagen Bradbury

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Japanese Garden_250x180.jpg
Bridge Square 2016

Japanese Garden

Leslie Schultz

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Bridge Square

Kari Bonde

Golf Course Fountain - website credit page

Golf Course Fountain

Bridgette Hallcock

Cannon River

David Standord

Snow plow clearing a street of heavy snow
Archer House in the winter 2019
Northfield Public Library in the snow from Division Street

Snow plow

Margit Johnson

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Archer House 2019

Terri Knight

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Library April 10, 2019

Terri Knight

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Farm with horses at sunset
Horses grazing on grass at farm at sunset
Barn in a lightning storm

Farm at sunset

Corey Pannkuk

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Horses grazing

Corey Pannkuk

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Barn and lightning

Corey Pannkuk

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Dancing at Hispanic Heritage Celebration event
Kids cross county skiing in woods
Northfield Library August morning 2019

Dancers at Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration 2019

Steve Maus

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Cross county skiing

Karleen Sherman

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Library August 2019

Terri Knight

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