Water Division

City of Northfield Water Division
Water service in Northfield is provided by the City of Northfield Public Services Department, Water Division.

The Water Division provides safe, potable water to over 18,000 people in over 5,000 homes and businesses in Northfield. An adequate water supply system is also maintained for handling emergency situations such as fire fighting.

The Water Division produces an annual report titled "Consumer Confidence Report" that includes detailed information about the city's water quality. Water provided by the City of Northfield Water Division consistently meets or exceeds established water quality standards. Contact the division for a copy of the most recent Consumer Confidence Report.

Source & Supply
Water within the Northfield city limits is supplied from a groundwater source via four wells that range in depth from 365 to 410 feet. Water is drawn from the Jordan aquifer. Fluoride, chlorine, and polyphosphates are fed into the water system at each individual well site as the water is pumped into the water distribution system. Polyphosphates are used to reduce problems with discolored water.

The water system includes three 1-million-gallon storage tanks. This storage provides the necessary degree of water pressure and ensures an adequate supply of water for responding to a fire, even on the hottest days of summer when water demand is greatest.

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