Bidding Information

Contractors and Consultants Interested in City Construction Projects

The City of Northfield uses the OneOffice and eGram project management software systems.

Starting in October 2010 all city construction project advertisements, bid documents, and bid results are posted to the City's eGram website. Contractors and consultants interested in city construction projects should use the website to obtain the most up to date information about projects up for bid. Hard copies of plans may still be purchased from the city's Engineering Department.

All bid documents are available to the public through the eGram website except for the plan documents. Plans and specifications in digital format can be downloaded for free by registering for an eGram account with the city. Contractors must notify the city each time they want to be added to a project plan holder list and gain access to digital plans on the eGram site.

Note: The eGram site is intended for contractors and consultants to download plan sets, submit bids, etc. Visit the city's project page.

Projects out for Bid