2021 Park and Recreation Capital Funding Plan


As part of the city’s Strategic Plan, the city’s goal is to have all parks and recreation facilities judged satisfactory or above and exceeding community expectations. The City is proposing to create a Capital Park and Recreation Investment Plan that will provide strategies for funding existing deteriorated park and recreation infrastructure and address unmet park and recreation needs in the community.


The City has a 2008 Park, Open Space, and Trail system plan in which numerous park improvements were identified for the community, however, only a couple projects have been completed over the last 13 years. The City is beginning to hear more frequently from the public about deteriorating park amenities and unmet needs in the community.

FiftyNorth, the city’s senior center located in the Northfield Community Resource Center (NCRC) is looking at expansion options with a study underway and nearing completion. In 2016, the City went through a process to evaluate the existing ice arena and ultimately went to a referendum to replace the ice arena with a multipurpose facility the “Cannon River Civic Center” and provide additional funding for parks, but that vote didn’t pass.

The City recently adopted the Riverfront Enhancement Action Plan, with a goal of activating and improving the riverfront. There are numerous parks along the river that will need to be master planned and improved.


The City will be creating the Park and Recreation Capital Investment Plan through the fall of 2021. In the winter and spring of 2022, the draft plan will be shared with the public for input, with the final plan completed by May of 2022.