Building Inspections


Building Inspection is open Monday through Friday 8 to 10 a.m. We are located in the Community Development office within City Hall.

Permit and rental applications

Send all work permit and rental applications via one of three ways

Scheduling inspections for building improvements

Call 507-645-3004 to find out if your inspection(s) need to be done onsite or if emails will suffice. We also intend to make use of Skype Lite in the very near future.

Send relevant video and/or photos of the front of the commercial/residential building with the property number visible as well as all necessary video and/or photos for that specific inspection. All inspections sent need to be for one inspection only e.g. insulation, ice and water, framing, etc. Please do not proceed with work until that inspection has been approved/passed letting you know you are able to move onto the next phase.

Scheduling inspections for new construction

If the building is of new construction, we will do onsite inspections as long as we are can maintain the minimum of 6 feet between people and other proper precautions.


The Building Inspections Department is getting set up to accept credit card payments in the near future.

Stay updated

There may be daily changes to our policy, so please check our website for updates.

To schedule an inspection call 507-645-3004

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Building Inspections
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The Building Inspections Department's function is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Northfield by ensuring that proper procedures and building codes are followed in the construction of structures throughout the city.


The department is responsible for issuing construction permits and conducting inspections to ensure compliance with state building code and city ordinance regulating building, mechanical, plumbing, demolition of structures, moving of structures, and manufactured housing.


The City of Northfield has adopted the 2015 Minnesota Building Code. City Property Maintenance Code, and the City Rental Housing Ordinances are also enforced.


Listed is the updated published report on building permit activity in Northfield:

Building Permit Activity 1951-2000

Building Permit Activity 2001-2018