Strategic Plan

Strategic plan summary 2018-2020

The Northfield City Council approved the Strategic Plan on September 19, 2017. 


Economic Development

A community that's economically thriving

  • Expanded commercial and industrial tax base
  • Enhanced tourism
  • Expanded downtown

Affordable Housing

  • A community where everyone can afford to live
  • Grow and maintain affordable housing
  • More senior units
  • Expanded supportive and emergency housing


A community where infrastructure supports its objectives

  • Improved infrastructure systems
  • Resolution of major facility projects
  • Increased satisfaction with high speed internet

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

A community that welcomes everyone

  • Increased transit options for all
  • Staff and volunteers reflect community
  • Improved access to City services for all demographics

Operational Effectiveness

A community with a government that works

  • Adequate staff to meet demands
  • Improved respect/trust (internal)
  • Improved external communication

Climate Change Impact

A Community that's resilient and sustainable

  • A clear vision for climate action
  • An economy resilient to energy and environment impacts
  • Reduced net carbon emissions