Library Board


Second Wednesday of each month

Northfield Public Library
210 Washington St.
Northfield, MN 55057

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Member   Term Expiration
Robert Anderson Member December 31, 2019 507-546-2216
Thelma Estrada Member December 31, 2021 956-414-5525
Cathy Oehmke
Member December 31, 2021 507-301-3636
Tammy Hayes Member December 31, 2019 507-663-0213
Bradley Schaffner Member December 31, 2020 507-301-5863
William "Bill" Johnson Member December 31, 2021 507-663-0169
Elizabeth Robb Reppe Chair December 31, 2020 651-231-2114
Mason Randall Vice Chair December 31, 2020 512-293-7932
Margit Zsolnay Member December 31, 2019 218-355-0930
William North Friends' Liaison   507-645-7807
Max Gordon-Mercer Youth Rep    
Neina Abudlai Youth Rep    
Teagan Watkins (Voting) Youth Rep    
Teresa Jensen City Staff Liaison   507-645-1801
Bruce Colwell SELCO Rep.    
Becky Novotny Clerical Liaison   507-645-1805


The City of Northfield Library Board makes recommendations regarding the library administration, policies, annual budget, operations, and maintenance of all library facilities. The board monitors and advocates for legislation concerning public libraries.The board also cooperates with other public officials and boards to maintain positive community relations.

Special meetings are occasionally called.

For transaction of business at any meeting, a majority of members constitute a quorum.

Application & Membership Requirements

The board consists of nine members as determined by the City Council. Each member serves a three-year term. Terms are staggered for continuity. There is a consecutive three-term limit. Members do not receive monetary compensation.

Since the cooperative library system serves Rice County residents, as well as those who live within the city limits, state law allows for up to four members of the board to be Rice County residents. Dakota County residents, unless living with the Northfield city limits, are not eligible for the board, as they are served by a different library system.

The Mayor recommends applicants to the City Council based on their interest in maintaining a good public library for the use of citizens of Northfield, along with willingness to serve and background.

Applications are available online or at:
City Hall, City Clerk's Office
801 Washington St.
Northfield, MN 55057

Northfield Public Library
210 Washington St.
Northfield, MN 55057