Human Rights Commission


  • 6:00 P.M.

  • Second Thursday of each Month

  • Council Chambers- City Hall 801 Washington Street Northfield, MN 55057

      Member   Term Expiration Contact
      Angelica Martina Dietz Secretary 12/31/2020 507-301-2069
      Larry Fowler   12/31/2020 507-645-6930
      Rigoberto Lazaro   12/31/2020 507-321-1362
      Corinne Smith   12/31/2018 507-663-1048
      Mar Valdecantos Chair 12/31/2018 507-645-9603
      Lucy Gonzalez Miron   12/31/2018 952-649-1967
      Justin London Vice Chair 12/31/2019 507-581-3990
      Richard DeBeau        12/31/2019 507-721-3134
      Shafqat Iqbal   12/31/2019 612-281-4448
      Issac Riggins (Voting) Youth Rep    
      Keara Cooney Youth Rep    
      Hannah Ringlien Youth Rep    
      Chloe Thomas-Green Youth Rep    
Agendas & Minutes
 City Meeting Archives

The City Meeting Archives contain PDF's of agenda packets, minutes, and resolutions.

Special meetings are occasionally called.

The City of Northfield Human Rights Commission (HRC) seeks to secure for all citizens equal opportunity in employment, housing, public accommodations, public services, and education. The commission works to ensure full citizen participation in this community by assisting the State Department of Human Rights in implementing the Minnesota Human Rights Act and by advising the City Council on long range programs to improve community relations in the City of Northfield. View a copy of the Human Rights Commission bylaws.

Human Rights FAQ's

If you have questions and/or need help, please refer to this Frequently Asked Questions document.

Application & Membership Requirements

The commission consists of nine members appointed by the mayor and approved by the City Council. Each member serves a three-year term. There is a three term limit. Members do not receive monetary compensation.

The Mayor recommends applicants to the City Council based on their interest in equal rights for all citizens of Northfield, along with willingness to serve and background.

Applications are available online or at:
City Hall, City Clerk
801 Washington St.
Northfield, MN 55057

 Human Rights Award                          
Congratulations to Northfield resident Jennifer Lompart selected for the 2018 Human Rights Award.
Human Rights Award
 Pictured left to right: Iris Reyes Mijares, Jennifer Lompart, Beth Berry, Natalia Marchan.

 The 2018 Human Rights Award is presented to Jennifer Lompart, in recognition of her strong commitment and innovative support of second language students and their families, in ways that enable them to find their voice and become part of the fabric of our community. 


Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2019