Hospital Board

  • Last Thursday of each month
  • Northfield Hospital, 2000 North Ave.

Board Minutes

Board meeting minutes for a given month are available after they have been approved at the following month’s meeting. You may download minutes (PDF format) once they have been posted.


See Board member biographies.

  Term Expires Contact
Pete Sandberg   12/31/2020 612-801-4035
Fred Rogers   12/31/2020 507-645-6877
Robert Shepley   12/31/2021 507-645-4194
Charlie Mandile
Chair 12/31/2019 612-802-9158
Lynn Clayton
  12/31/2019 605-366-6325
Sara Carlsen
  12/31/2021 507-301-1129 
Jessica Peterson White   12/31/2021 612-366-8311
CC Linstroth
  12/31/2019 952-818-0180
Steve O'Neill
  12/31/2020 507-663-6108


The City of Northfield Hospital Board oversees the administration, operation and maintenance of all hospitals, convalescent homes, nursing homes or other medical facilities, nor or hereafter owned and operated by the City of Northfield. The board may make such rules, regulations and by-laws concerning the same entities as it may deem for the best interests of such facilities.

The board consists of seven, eight or nine members as determined by City Council. Each member serves a three-year term. The maximum number of consecutive terms is three. Members are eligible for reappointment after one year off the board. Members do not receive monetary compensation.

Special meetings are occasionally called.

For transaction of business at any meeting, a majority of members constitute a quorum. It is desired that members make every attempt to be present at all meetings.

Application & Membership Requirements

The Mayor recommends applications to the City Council based on their interest in maintaining good medical and health services and facilities in the Northfield area, along with willingness to serve and background.

Applications are available online or at:
City Hall, City Clerk 
801 Washington St.
Northfield, MN 55057