Economic Development Authority


Fourth Thursday of each month
7:30 a.m.
Special meetings are occasionally called.

City Hall
Council Chambers
801 Washington St.
Northfield, MN 55057

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Member   Term Expiration Contact
Andrew Ehrmann President 12/31/2022 970-389-5416
Mike Strobel Vice President 12/31/2024 507-649-1025
Britt Ackerman Treasurer 12/31/2021 507-645-9358
Enoch Blazis Board Member 12/31/2019 612-308-7712
Rachel Leatham Board Member 12/31/2023 507-321-3459
Jessica Peterson White Board Member - Council 12/31/2022 612-366-8311
Rhonda Pownell Board Member - Council 12/31/2020 507-663-1932
Alex Baraniak Youth Representative    
Daniel Monaghan Youth Representative    
City Staff   Contact
Mitzi Baker Community Development Director 507-645-3005
Nate Carlson Economic Development Coordinator 507-645-3069
Mikayla Schmidt Community Development Specialist 507-645-3059


The City of Northfield Economic Development Authority (EDA), created in 1991, seeks to improve the economic condition of Northfield. Focusing on appropriate commercial and industrial development, the EDA works to establish a higher tax base and additional job opportunities for the citizens of Northfield. The EDA provides resources and tools, including loans and grants, to support this kind of development. Resolution #2011-131 The Economic Development Authority proposed amendments to their enabling resolution at a public hearing held December 13, 2011, before the City Council. At the City Council meeting held December 13, 2011, they approved Resolution #2011-131, amending the enabling resolution for the Economic Development Authority.

Application and Membership Requirements

The Commission consists of seven members appointed by the mayor and approved by the City Council. Each member serves a six-year term. Members are restricted to three terms. Members do not receive monetary compensation.

The mayor recommends applicants to the City Council based on their interest in economic development and commercial and industrial (re)development, along with willingness to serve and background.

Applications are available online or at:
City Hall, City Clerk 
801 Washington St.
Northfield, MN 55057