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Odd Fellows

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Spring Creek Park

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Riverside Park Shelter

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Please call 507-645-3045 for shelter availability
Shelter Reservation Form

For scheduling a private event (e.g. wedding, family reunion, etc.) in a non-sheltered park, reservations are required. The event must end by 10 P.M. A $100 clean-up deposit must be received within seven days of the event to secure event date and time. Event organizers are responsible for cleaning and disposal of all garbage.
Park Reservation Form

Community Event Information

The City of Northfield has adopted a Community Events Policy in an attempt to provide event organizers with information to make public events both safe and successful and to help with the scheduling of public spaces and resources.

An event permit is required for community/public events (e.g. craft show, car show, anytime the public is welcome to the event) held on City property and must be received 45 days prior to an event to guarantee that it can be processed in time.

Community Event Information